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After Seven!

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I should post this while I still have internet. It seems whenever I try to post a blog here, my internet asplodes. ;_;

Since my last post there have been a few big changes.

The biggest is my spantaneous decision to update to Windows 7. I had been wanting to do it since I heard about Nanami Madobe (JAJAAAAAN! Pirorin! AREEEEEEEE?! Oh, I love her...) but I didn't want to use another modded OS on my laptop. Instead I had thought I'd get another laptop with Win7 pre-installed. That changed when someone linked me to a pretty reliable looking clean install of Win7.

I got Win7 (and Nanami *ahem*) installed just fine but ended up accidentally most of the games I might or might not have been playing and some of my image folders due to little space on my tiny drive or me stupidly trying to figure out partitions. I seem to have traded my CD-Rom drive and stable internet, as well. But those things really have nothing to do with Win7. lol All else is well so I guess I should be grateful for that.

Since I've had Win7 I haven't been playing too many computer games... Sometimes I miss PW (especially since coming here! argh!) but because I'm broke, I don't have stable internet, I can't find game cards around here, and my laptop sucks at supporting the game that it's just not worth playing anymore. I hope it's still around when I am able to get everything in order. lol I have a feeling it still will, though.

In the meantime, I've been catching up on my PS/2 games which have been sitting around collecting dust. A demonic urge came over me for two weeks and it led me to finally complete Final Fantasy 8 after 6 years or so. lol I got my first copy the game when I was like 16 or 17. I got all the way up to the end of the 3rd disc and when I went to switch to the 4th, it got lodged in the tray in such a way that it wouldn't open or close. I made my boyfriend tear apart my PS2 to get the disc out only for him to tell me that neither my disc or my xbawks huge PS2 was useable. My second copy of FF8 was stolen before I could even get past Fire Cavern. -sigh- My mom bought my third and hopefully final copy of FF8 as a reward of sorts. I used a 100% completion guide (Yeah, yeah. Who hasn't used a guide for an FF game?) and I've pretty much done everything I wanted to do. Including getting my tear-jerking ending. So, I am officially done with Final Fantasy 8. Yay!

Next on my gaming agenda is my second playthrough of Persona 4 (and P3 when I get tired of all the yellow). So far, the second playthrough is proving to be more enjoyable than the first. Especially now that I don't have to waste time raising stats. I have more time to work on the social links *coughguidecough*, make money, and explore other things. This time around I've been thinking about the characters' personalities. Mostly Yukiko. During the first playthrough, I found her very sweet and modest. She automatically became my favorite character. (And lover. lol I think most people went for Yukiko and Yukiko only on their first playthrough.) But now I just find her kind of odd. Especially concerning guys. Was she touched the wrong way by one of the inn guests when she was little? Odd. Chie's my favorite now. Bringing all kinds of awesome whereever she goes. You broke her Trial of the Dragon DVD? Kick in the nuts. You're trying to pick on one of her friends? Face stomp! By the way, you're buying her steak. And the GOOD steak too. Ahahaha steak. Yeah, she's awesome.

My second playthrough of Persona 3 is going pretty well, too. Yukari is still an annoying cunt (GOD she is a BITCH.) and I've learned how to play the Monad. I'm level 90 but my results are still mostly left up to chance. Which is a big improvement over "OH GOD I HOPE THIS ATTACK HITS OH YEAH IT DID....for only 40 hp? Shit....OH GOD IT'S KILLED EVERYONE BUT ME. Oh cool I have that Sacrificial Idol equipped. I'M GONNA JUST RUN NOW. ...Oh damn, I'm dead." I've also been doing fun things like getting Megolidola on Orpheus and such. I tried playing The Answer with a guide today. I wasn't going to use one at first since I heard it's pretty straightforward but it's also pretty boring. I figured that using a guide would make things a little bit more bearable. Unfortunately, it doesn't. I could look up what happens but then I wouldn't feel the satisfaction of beating it. So, I'll just leave it alone until my curiosity gets the best of me.

In not really gaming related news, My two year old HP laptop is on it's last leg. As I said before, the CD drive is dead, the fan occasionally makes sounds like a freight train, and the screen flops around like a half-dead fish. I guess I should consider myself lucky that it's still working. I've been (ab)using it constantly since I got it. I hear most people end up replacing their HP laptops after about two years of regular use because they aren't made to be sturdy. HP, silly conartists. I decided that I wouldn't blow my cash on this thing after finding out that a new screen would cost three times the price of the laptop itself. And that doesn't even include the price of having it shipped to me nor the price of having someone put the screen in for me (even though I can do it myself). It's just not worth it. HP isn't worth it. They won't suck another penny out of me. My next laptop is the Asus EeePC...that is, when I get money to buy it. ;_; I've heard good things about it for its price so I hope it can't be worse than HP. After that, if I don't get a desktop and I don't hate Asus, I'll probably get the Asus G7.


That's my ultimate wish. :x

Well, besides my wish for magical powers. Still waiting for my magical mascot or my magical item thing that will grant me earth-destroying powers.
Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 07/SEP/99
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PS2)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 09/DEC/08
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First off, I REALLY hope you have 7 Pro. Cause then you can use this fun little program:
If not D:
I would totally gift you a gaming laptop. If I had any monies. Cause you are still my absolute favorite person here.
And a PS3. Cause you need some HD in your life!
Any reason ya don't use desktops there? :3 Dell, with all their lovely proprietary hardware, makes decent desktops for pretty cheap anymore; should be able to get a functional gaming rig for less than $500 and get it financed down to less than $30/month to boot! I know they're not really the bestest of computers but they certainly do the work for a decent price. Then again, if you're comfortable with hardware, you could try building a box; generally you'll get more bang for your buck that way.

Other than that I second the need for a PS3 :3 But if money's tight I can understand that being not really a priority :3

Congrats on finally finishing FF8 after all the obstacles fate threw in your way there! One of these days I should do the same X3
@xoaks Awwah, that's sweet. =] I'm using Ultimate but I'll definitely download it. Thanks a lot. ^.^ Win7 doesn't seem to be too fond of full-screen games for some reason. Or is it just me?

Oh yeah, PS3 is definitely on my list now that FF13 is out. lol
@mnightwind I haven't gotten a desktop for myself yet because I want to wait until I get my own place. There's a family desktop here though but I can't play around on it too much. :( That doesn't sound too bad, even though it is a Dell. I've heard some bad things about them so I try to steer clear. I'd like to build my own computer one day but I get nervous even swapping the RAM sticks in my laptop and all I have to do is open the cover. lol Maybe sometime in the future.

Thanks. >.< Beating FF8 finally felt like I accomplished a lifetime goal. lol
I haven't had any problem with Windows 7 running Sims 3 or Guild Wars but admittedly I haven't really interacted with either on the unit that much since I installed them.

I can understand the waiting thing. Always good to have a place for all your stuff without having to worry about working around other people's stuff :3
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