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Megaten Imagine!

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21chan said...
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So...I finally made enough space to try it out! I downloaded it, installed it, made my little avatar look like my favorite anime character, starting playing, (watched a movie), kept playing and....it crashed.


Over and over. I couldn't even get past the tutorial because the game kept crashing at the movie parts. Goddamnit. I go to the forums to look for a solution and you know what, I'm not in the mood. Uninstalled.

Sorry, xoaks. :(

Maybe it's just not my time to experience the awesomeness of that game.

I still can experience the awesomeness of Perfect World. On Christmas Eve, I get on to do Treasure Hunter. The problem is there's an event in town and that's where everybody's at. I figure, hey whatever, there has to be SOME people who still want to do TH. I waited about 20 minutes before I got somebody to add me to their squad. She recruited two more people and then passed leadership to me. After more waiting (they were an awfully patient bunch), I finally recruited another person.

After about a half an hour, we had a party made up of 3 clerics, 1 assassin (level 20--can't do shit), and a veno. For some reason, all of them were waiting for my command. One thing I learned from all of this is that I am crap at leading, especially since I don't have an authoritative way of speaking. (and I don't like just telling people what to do and treating them like idiots like some party leaders do because I know I don't know everything.) So I decided to do my best to make it a cooperative effort. I asked for suggestions and at first they were like, "lol i dunno... i'll do whatever" I'm like, "Okay, this is what we're going to do." We go in and then one of the clerics decides he wants to be a DD after all. The other cleric decides he wants to be a lurer. The veno ends up d/cing.

Argh. Facepalm.

But I'm not mad because I know they're really trying.

So we get all our bearings together and I ask again, "Okay, what do you guys want to do?" I was pretty open because I was the highest level person there and being that I'm LA that I'm not as squishy as the Arcane clerics. So, I could be a DD or healer but I had to have the cooperation of the squad and determine their roles. The guy who was healing me decided he didn't care if he died so he was going to be a lurer. Fine. But then he doesn't want anyone to heal him. I'm like, "Uh okay..." At first but then I realized, that when he dies, they're going to go after the other cleric who decided that he sucks at healing and would rather shoot while saying, "omg what do i do how do i heal this how did i get here my heals suck" The veno finally gets back on, sends the squad request and.... Mr. DD cleric charges in and dies AGAIN. I decide to ignore him for the time being and just kill what needs to be killed. The cleric who was healing him books it as soon as he dies because lo and behold, he just aggroed a bunch of mobs. The assassin runs backwards and dies because he wanted to "buy you guys some time." Veno d/c's again.

Still, it's okay because even in all the confusion, they're really trying.

We get organized again (sans veno) and tackle the 3rd group of mobs. This time, we agree that suicidal cleric goes in and lures, while I back him up and the confused cleric heals both of us. Surprisingly, nobody dies but wait a minute, why am I healing people when I'm supposed to be the DD?

Back in the central hall, I gather everyone up and ask everyone again what they want to do. Suicidal cleric wants to lure. Fine. Assassin can't do anything. That's alright. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN Cleric doesn't know what to do. Okay, you heal me or Suicidal Cler--"I'M GONNA LURE!"

Wait what! He plumes the mob in front of us and I grab aggro again before he gets killed (he was the one with the level 6 revive). In the middle of the fight, the Veno comes back on and sends me another squad invite. I accept and right after I TELL confused Cleric, "YOU HEAL ONLY". He actually complies to my relief. But suicidal Cleric isn't waiting for anyone.

Nevertheless, I'm smiling because we made it this far.

We finally get outside Qingzi's room and confused Cleric is lagging. Umm...okay. Doesn't matter because we have the Veno and she can lure.... but Suicidal Cleric wants to do it. I'm like, "Okay, take turns."

That was actually the fun part because they actually liked the idea and followed it through. First up was the Veno and when the pet died, the Suicidal Cleric went in and did his thing while me and lagging confused Cleric healed him. Finally, it was all starting to come together.

I get in and ask once again what everybody wants to do after I throw out my suggestion that I tank while the Clerics heal me. Of course, everybody either has their own suggestion or doesn't care. Suicidal Cleric wants to be suicidal. I tell him it would make more sense for me to tank and then he can join up after me while the other cleric heals. Meanwhile, the assassin finally screams at us to let me tank while I get healed like crazy. Finally, somebody asks for everybody's magic levels. Of course, as the highest level cleric there, I have the highest level so they finally give way to assassin's and my original idea. I start attacking and at first suicidal Cleric was healing me but then he decides he wants to beat up Qingzi too but then assassin screams to just keep healing me. Surprisingly, he does. Confused cleric keeps complaining that my HP goes down too fast but still manages to keep me alive.

After awhile, we beat Qingzi! Yay~

All said the same thing afterward. "It was hard but the most satisfying win." And it was but I wouldn't want to lead another party like that again. lol

On that same day, I managed to find parties to help me beat 3 bosses I had in my Quest Log for months. A very satisfying day, indeed.

On Christmas day, I was randomly invited to a squad to kill some rare mobs. The SM was actually a decent guy who kept helping me until he had to go to work. I actually wouldn't mind teaming up with him again.

I want to play more but recently, there's always something wrong with me that sends me straight to bed. Jeebus. The last thing I need is to have to go to the hospital. I dunno...my mom just might tell them that it's cheaper just to let me die.

Haha... The scary thing is that it probably isn't a joke...
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@MegaTen D: @YourMom D:

Don't die!! You're my favorite person here!
@xoaks aww okay i'll hang on for a little while longer lol

Okay... you lead a squad of three suicidal clerics and a low level and ineffectual assassin?

You know, I think it is very impressive that you succeeded as you did this. o.o'

This may be why you had so many people help you out with your quest logs. Trust me, if I saw somebody lead a group like that, and succeed, I would generally take notice, and do my part to help them out as best I can.

Just kind of worried now--why would you head to the hospital? o.o'
Haha, I'm embarrassed now... >.< I usually never lead parties so I was happy to have cooperative, patient people in my squad. Even if they weren't perfect. lol

I was thinking about going to the hospital because my shoulder seemed to have dislocated itself probably due to me lying down on it day and night playing video games and I had this odd pain going from my shoulder to my head. Then I had an upset stomach for like a week.

But it turned out to be good old Aunt Flo coming into town. lol
Well, I'd normally assume the disconnected shoulder would have nothing to do with Aunt Flo. You may need to check that out.

Yeah, probably not. But it's been better since and it doesn't feel out of place anymore. Dunno if that's a good thing or not but I'll get a doctor to look at it asap. =)
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