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I've been playing Persona 3 FES for maybe the past month now.

I'm almost done but damn this game is getting tedious. Actually, the goddamn tower is. IT'S. FUCKING. ENDLESS. It would be easy to just go to each floor without fighting too much but then someone like Akihiko brings up getting stronger and I start to feel bad. When someone mentions going to Tartarus, I start wishing I could reach into my TV and strangle them. But then I feel bad because I know you cannot have enough dakka.

I'm just whining because I want to finish this game up before P4 arrives. I did get that fake end. I knew it was coming but I wanted to see what happened. Like Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, the game just ended. I'm sitting there watching the credits and I'm like, "lol seriously? It's really going to end?"

I almost expected a Tiger Dojo telling me to go back and chose the other option.

I like almost everything else about the game. The tower is just mentally exhausting.

I've also been playiing FF8 when I ragequit P3 for awhile.

Been using a guide to do it. I feel a bit of shame when I use it but when I was younger, I played FF8 and had the HARDEST time. I remember getting stuck at that Ultimecia/Rinoa fight for WEEKS before I finally beat her and my PS2 shitted out of me. I didn't want to take that chance (having a hard time, i mean) so I'm using the guide.

I'm glad I did since I'm having the easiest time beating most opponents and just winning the game in general. But I've been overly dependent on the guide. I feel like if I do something without consulting the guide, I messed up everything.


I suck.

It's scary how try to type out what's in my mind but it comes out very different.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 25/JAN/00
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